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Monday, June 30, 2015

Happy Leap Second. Use it wisely.

Weather continues to be hot. Ride safely. Drink PLENTY of water as you ride and take frequent breaks. In 90_ degrees you should drink about 22 oz of fluid/hour. Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea. If you don't have to whiz every hour or so, you’re not drinking enough. Heat exhaustion can sneak up on you quickly.

If you feel light headed or weak, take a break, shed some gear, lie down in the shade. A cool cloth on the face and neck will help. Soaking a bandana or t shirt in cool water is also a good way to keep cool.

Next, Welcome our newest member Jeff Swiatowicz to the chapter. Jeff was led to us by Mick Parker. Jeff lives in North Raleigh and rides a Yamaha Stryker. Jeff can be reached at jswiatowicz@gmail.com. Please make him feel welcome.

And finally a re-reminder: I will be stepping down as FO at the end of July. Someone needs to step up and take over. We could also use some active Road Captains.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

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