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Monday, November 10, 2015

First of all to my fellow vets in the chapter... "Happy Veteran's Day"

Friday, Alain, and I were the only ones at "Bike Night"... but there was still plenty of bike talk to go around... Alain also dropped of gifts for this week's toy run.

Sunday... we actually had a clear day to ride... ok... it was cool and cloudy, but the roads were dry, and things being as they are... we TOOK it.

Tony and Bonnie S were there when I arrived, and we stood around drinking hot chocolate, and having a generally good chat. Steve wasn't that far behind me, and joined in the "biker chat". Four being the number of the day... we were off.

Downeast NC still has SOME color in the trees, and the fields haven't all turned brown. Crops are harvested, but some of the fields are sporting a winter's coat of (I guess) grass.

Nice ride to Wilson... We first stopped at Vollis Simpson's workshop, but the field has been mostly cleared of the whirry-gigs. Still impressive, if you had never been there.

I spazzed and blew by my turn... wound up on the far side of the Whirry-Gig fest. We parked the bikes... walked around some, and took a guided tour of the restoration facility. Soon our bellies were rumbling, and we headed for Bill Ellis' BBQ for lunch.

After lunch we scooted on for home.... taking a more northerly route, again, past fields, countryside, and small towns.

Ride safe... Ride often

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