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Sunday, November 15, 2015

While many riders park their bikes for the coldest part of the winter (and other do so during the hottest part of the summer)some do not. We have the Yahoo group, and the Delphi forum. If you are riding, and you would like to share the adventure... feel free to post a notice. Give folks at least some notice. Send a copy to me via EMAIL and I will forward it along.

This is a riding club... not an internet "chat" club. While we DO use the Internet for communication, we are (and have always been) an actual "in-person" group, dedicated to safe, fun, riding. Your active support is the heartbeat of this chapter... and this nationwide club.

This week's events

Saturday Mike H, and Larry N joined me at the Marathon station before we rode to Moto-Garcia (BMW-Ducati-KTM -and soon to be- Indian). The friendly folks at MG had hot drinks and doughnuts for all. Raleigh CBA, and CMA folks were there, and we all spent some time visiting and all that. We were led north to Capital PowerSports (Honda - Yamaha- Polaris) More coffee, doughnuts and more riders waiting. The "ride captain" announced his route of 401-540-64 to Garner, and the 3 of us opted for a more scenic route with less highway.... We actually caught up with the pack as it entered Garner... then on to Team Power Sports (Honda-Yamaha-Spyder). Yet more riders, and coffee(thankfully when TPS remodeled, they added more rest rooms). Police escorts took us to the Johnston County Line where we were supposed to pick up JoCo sheriff escorts, but there were none, and we eased along to wal-mart alone. Even more riders at Smithfield Wal-Mart... no coffee, just fellowship.

From there we went straight to the Salvation Army... where we loaded up the stage with toys for the local children. SSA children were on hand to greet us, and gave up a few songs as entertainment. Chic-fil-a supplied food for the riders. Something like 77 bikes, and 85 people. Tip of the hat to SCRC chapters Tar River, Five Points, Johnston County, and Greater Raleigh.... Triangle CMA, and Raleigh CBA for their continued support. Again, this is the smallest "toy run" you will see.... but you actually get to meet some of the children.

After lunch, Mike, Larry and I eased out of town, picked up Buffalo Road, and headed to the barn.

Ride safe... Ride often

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