Occasionally, but not quite, WEEKLY UPDATE

Sunday, November 29, 2015

I hope everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving... I sure did.

This week's events

Saturday WRAL-TV changed the forecast, so I posted a last minute deal for those who remained in town. Mike G, Steve, Joel & Bonnie, Fred, and myself, met at Handy Hugo... a short BS session, and we were off.
Nothing special... the "back roads to Michael's" route, with a bit of old Greensboro Road tossed in. Lunch at Saxaphaw... but this time we left early, and arrived early... good seating, good food, and good fellowship. After eating, and solving the world's problems... we took off for Maple Valley Farms... and some delicious ice cream. I threw caution into the wind, and led a looping mindless route towards Jordan Lake. Beautiful weather continued... a little cloudy, but warm, and darn near December.

Ride safe... Ride often

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