Occasionally, but not quite, WEEKLY UPDATE

Monday, October 11, 2015

Friday bike night/chapter meeting, Mike and Cindy, Alain and Shelly, Tony and Bonnie, Kevin and myself, figured out the problems of the world in general, and Kevin won the night with his re-telling of how he figured out his bike's ills... point being as soon as he gets all the parts in, he should have smooth sailing.

Saturday the planned trip to the place which will go nameless (every time we mention a planned trip it rains, and this has been the case for three years) was canceled due to rain... oh well we tried.

Sunday, Mike H, Mike G, Steve, David and I eased up to the newly re-modeled and under new management Robbinson Ferry in Warrenton... sonuvagun... the place is now closed on Sunday... and this after the new owner talked to us in the parking lot, and promised to be open on Sundays. We dropped back, and punted, and had lunch at Milano's. Still a great day to be riding, roads were dry, and the skied were actually blue.

Ride safe... Ride often

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