Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Spring is just around the corner in spite of some bloody groundhog. Time to start planning some rides for the warmer weather. We have discussed a week long end to ender on the Blue Ridge parkway and a few other suggestions for weekend and day rides. If you have a ride in mind, now is the time to jump in and suggest/plan/request.

I will be gone to "down unda" in late June and Bonnie and I are starting to consider a MC tour of Italy in August. Our plan for a MC tour of the southern island of NZ got shot down when I discovered the temp in the mountains is 30–40 degrees (lower in the mountains with snow).

Frank and I are still toying with a long tour of the Northwest (WA, BC, Vancouver Island) but this will take about 3-4 weeks, so ???

So jump in, step up, shout out. This is, as always, YOU'RE club.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

No Bike Nite this week.

Chapter Rides

1/31/ 2015 Frostbite Ride
This year was truly a Frostbite Ride. 26 degrees when I left home, but, this time, no frost on the bike. Heated gear did its thing. Arrived at the meet up point at the BP station on 540 and Buffalo Rd to find Frank waiting. We were soon joined by Steve Burton from Tar River chapter. Short session talking about the chapter and its history and future, then, when it was clear no one else was braving the cold, off to Dunn. Weather warmed up nicely to the 40’s. Pulled up to the Western Sizzler to meet several SCRC members, some of whom caged and some who rode. We hightailed it in to grab some food and were followed by about another 20 or so members from several of the local/east chapters and Cricket, our State Officer. Buffet food, good friends, and chatter about all the rides we want to take this and next year. Soon it was off for home. We took a direct route up to 55 and 540. Thanks for leading another ride, Frank.

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