Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My big news is my first grandbaby (daughter) is on the ways. Akane is in labor and baby expected within a day. I'll probably have to wait until June to see her (in Brisbane, or later in Singapore) but thankfully there is Skype.

I missed the Locked and loaded ride but Bonnie and I had a nice ride out to Saxapahaw yesterday with 66 degree temp. Nice to eat there when it's not busy. I hope some of you had a chance to get out and enjoy the near spring weather.

See below. Lots of events now opening up for the spring and summer and even into the fall. Most within a day's ride. If you interested in going to any of these and want company, post it and see who else from the chapter might ride.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

Stromboli Express I rode in and sat alone for about 15 minutes. About to leave when Mick Parker rides up. Mick and I had a good chat over good food. Everyone else must have been elsewhere doing New Year stuff. I did, however, get to practice my bike lift technique after tipping it over in the parking lot. Backing into the bike works. But 900 lbs is still 900 lbs. No harm done to V-ger and only my pride got hurt.

Chapter Rides

1/17/15 Port City meet and greet at Locked and loaded. Bonnie and I were away, but Frank and Chris and several other chapters made it.

From Frank: "216 former FO "Spike" and myself arrived on time... and soon 222 former FO "Joker" arrived... and then Goldsboro chapter arrived, not knowing we were meeting, but joined in on the deal... the long lost "host" for the meet & greet finally arrived and we had 5 chapters accounted for. The new location is OK, same fare.

Chris arrived right about the time I was getting ready to leave, so we hit the road, while the sun was shining.

Total brain fart on my part, trying to cut through the madness that is Garner... but we got out of town, and pointed in the right direction.

West on Tryon, south on Lake Wheeler, west on Penny, south on Holly Springs (note place is all growed up... one strip mall after another, and crossing NC-55 is a TASK!!!!! then south on new hill... and that road is a MESS, but less built up (for now), out old US1 Elam, to Pea Ridge and a break at Wilsonville.

A little cool... but still a good day to ride.

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