Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year to all. We are back in our house after spending an unexpected visit to the Hyatt House Hotel for New Year's.

Great to get out for the New Year's Day ride. Bonnie asked me, looking at the morning temperature and a frost covered bike, "why do you do this?" All I can say is when I get up early and look at the cold weather, I may WANT to go back to sleep, but inevitably, once out on the bike, I am so glad I went. It is the FUN of riding, and beating the weather, as well as the comradery of riders. Nothing else I know of makes me feel as alive. I know going back to sleep will feel good for an hour or so, but then I will be so angry with myself for giving in and not riding.

So here we are in the new year. What are YOUR plans and expectations for the riding year? What do YOU hope to do and where would YOU like to go this year? Sound off and let us know. Challenge yourself to do more. Lead a ride or two. Plan a ride. We need more people to step up into leadership positions to keep the club going. Ride Captains, Tail gunneres and Second/first officers down the road. Get involved.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

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No bike night this week.

Chapter Rides

1/1/2015 – New Year’s Day Ride – A true frostbite ride. 27 degrees when I got down to my frost covered bike. Thank you heated gear. Larry, Mike H., Frank, Steve, and I took a new southern route out around Jordan Lake. 2 hours non-stop (hey, MY bladder was fine) got us out to Asheboro and GC by a little after noon. A couple of riders jumping off the bike to make a dash for the facilities. A few dozen bikes in the parking lot. Visits with old friends from several area chapters and a pep talk from Cricket, our State FO, full bellies and back on the road. First fuel stop a mile down the road left Mike’s bike whining for power. A charge from my Vger did not cut it. Mike and I waited for AAA to give Mike’s bike a ride home while the others hit the road. Everyone home safe before dark.

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