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Friday, March 13, 2015

EST is gone. Light until 7pm. Great riding weather. If you haven't done your spring tune up and road check, get it done, especially if you haven't ridden all winter. I just did my 15k check over on V-GER. Good to get down in there and check, lube, tighten, and tweek. Make sure your brake pads, belts, chains, tires/tread/pressure, etc are ready for the road. Also, if you haven't ridden much since fall, take a short spin to dust off your riding skills. First ride of the season with a group is not the place for that.

Think about some rides and destinations you would like to take this spring/summer/fall. Plan one or get a general idea. You can contact me, or Frank with your plan and we can help you set it up. Also consider taking on a position in the club. Road captain (currently Frank and Kevin), Tailgunner (currently Bonnie S). I would like to get more members involved in the rides and organization/planning besides me and Frank.

Next, the Fall SCRC weekend getaway is back. This is a fun ride weekend in Bryson city. Kevin, Doreen, Frank, Becky, Bonnie, David, Steve and others have made this trip in the past. It's a blast. Details on Upcoming page. Let me know if there is interest and we can plan a trip. Book early. Rooms go fast.

And finally, welcome our newest member, Darwin (Jake) Rhoads.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

3/6/2015 @ Village Deli I was joined by Frank, Mike and Cindy H. and, later by Mick P. Lively talk about politics, discourse, world problems, and finally bikes and trips ahead.

Chapter Rides

3/8/2015 I missed this one. Not feeling tip-top in the AM and other factors. Sorry I missed it. Sounded like a great ride. Thanks Frank.

Ride review from Frank:"A beautiful day to ride..." "I pulled the "golden turd" out of the garage for the first time in over 3 weeks, and it replied as most hibernating bears will with a grumpy "don't bother me boy"... Becky's Honda, leaped to the chance for a nice day's ride in the pre-spring warmth... so it was battery tender time for MY bike, and wind time for Becky's.

I pulled up to Marathon, Mike H, and Tony were there and solving life's mysteries. Steve, and Mike D pulled in next, and then Chris & Neva.

Kevin "special consideration" was waiting for us in Wilton, bringing us to 8 riders, and 7 bikes.

Nice ride through the countryside, followed by a short bio-break, and we were back on the road. More country roads, through fields slowly waking from last week's snow... (still some snow on ground, as well as grit on roads) We eased along to Clarksville, and enjoyed a delicious lunch at the Lamplighter.

After lunch, everyone had enough fuel for the ride home so off we went... more, but different back roads led us back into NC... I opted to ease back to Oxford, and then south on 15/50... I think this was the first time I did so, without having storm clouds closing in.

One by one, each rider peeled off and headed for home. After the weather we have suffered through these past 3 weeks, it was a blessing to be riding, and with such good people.

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