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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I hope you are enjoying the warm weather and getting out to ride as much as possible. We are in the typical spring weather with cool mornings followed by warm days. Remember to dress for the morning AND afternoon conditions. Layers. Light, cool, long sleeve fabric works best for me. You can lose a lot of fluid while riding and not notice it. Most of it will evaporate from the exposed skin. Also remember sunscreen for exposed areas, such as the backs of the hands, neck, and nose. Dehydration and sun stroke can sneak up on you and affect your judgement and abilities just like alcohol. Stop frequently, preferably in the shade. Drink fluids. Avoid heavy traffic and routes with lots of signals/stop and go. Stay safe.

As you will note below, I have cancelled the BRP End to Ender due to a lack of response and interest. Maybe timing or other circumstances, but it is difficult to plan an extended ride without feedback. Since I have only heard a couple of "maybes" I am cancelling the event. Bonnie and I will be in Brooklyn the previous week and will ride down through the Poconos and do a true end to ender from Front Royal to Cherokee. Or we may revisit Gettysburg.

Note that the next bike night is at a NEW location. Mick and I thought it might be a good spot with BBQ. Outside tables if weather permits. Let's give it a try.

Ride safe,
Joel "Doc" Kann

Bike Nite

5/1/2015 at Village Deli: This from Mike Hodges, Cindy & I set up at Village Deli and were shortly joined by Rick. Good food and talk until we noticed that they were closed and really wanting us to leave.

Chapter Rides

5/3/2015 Ride for Kids: Bonnie and I waited at the meetup until 8:45 with dozens of other riders fueling up before the event. We then rode to the White Oak meet up point to join about 400 bikes to line up for the event and get our free coffee, water, donuts and swag. Bonnie had never done this ride. Nice ride with complete Police, Fire, EMT escort around Chatham county with the highlight loop around the Pittsboro courthouse. Always fun to see the front of the ride, with all of the police motorcycles, light flashing, and wave to all of the other riders as they go by. Typical start/stop riding in a large group. We split off back at 64, just before the end, and went to Apex Bar and Grill for lunch.

Meanwhile Steve was joined by the usual gang of suspects (Frank, Mike D., Tony, Kevin) to ride north to VA for lunch.

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