Occasionally, but not quite, WEEKLY UPDATE

Monday, February 29, 2016

What a beautiful weekend... I was busy with my grandson on Saturday, and my ongoing patio project this week end, but I hope most of you got out and enjoyed the warm weather.

February 29, 2016 (Monday) Putting chores aside for a while, Joel and I took a tour of "south-side" Virginia... the warm North Carolina sunshine, stayed south of the state line, temps dropped a good 5 degrees, and a stiff wind began to blow. BUT... I found some real nice roads to play on... just need to find a place to eat, after all great roads, deserve great food. We started out late, 10:30, and when it was time to return home, we took an uninspired main roads back to town... still even dull boring main roads on a bike, beats shoveling yards of mulch... a task that awaited my arrival.

Ride safe... Ride often

Join the discussion at either the Yahoo group groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/greater_RALEIGH_area/info

or, the Delphi forum forums.delphiforums.com/RaleigSCRC

Anyone interested in taking on a chapter "leadership role" (ie: Road Captain, Tail Gunner, Ride Leader, Safety Officer, Second Officer, or even First Officer)

If you want to step up go to www.southerncruisers.net/constitution.htm and read what SCRC national expects from officers (and members).

Then read the ride guidelines... www.southerncruisers.net/newriding.htm. They aren't "rules" but guides, but it does explain the role of ride leader better.

Finally, there is the "code of conduct": www.southerncruisers.net/coc.htm

"Road Captain/ride leader" is a good place to start... but you don't have to be a "Road Captain" to lead a ride. Just be willing to step up... You WILL miss a turn... and do a U-turn... everyone does... it's part of the "fun" and who knows... it could lead to a funny "road name".

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