Occasionally, but not quite, WEEKLY UPDATE

Monday, January 18, 2015

Thursday 1/14/16 Joel posted a lunch ride to Saxapahaw General Store, and being at a good break point on my patio, I took him up on it. We rolled from different directions, and arrived at nearly the same time. As to be expected the food was great. We did the usual solving of the world's problems, and shared a few laughs, even gave thought to a few rides for this spring. After lunch, it was back roads around a rain-swollen Jordan Lake, and we made our ways back to base.

Saturday 1/16/16 Ride to nowhere. Steve, Mike H, Mike G, Larry N, Lindy and Teri (from Five Points) joined me for a mindless loop of roads in Wake, Granville, Frankln etc., stopping for lunch at Skipper's BBQ in Henderson. Great day for riding, as the sun warmed up nicely. During lunch, Steve mentioned there was a place nearby that was listed in the "N.C. oddities" book: a pair of concrete legs. So we decided to head on over and see what the fuss was. I plugged the address into my GPS and off we went to check out the "oddity". Once our curiosity was satisfied, we were on the "wrong" side of town to take BR1 home... so we took Lynbank/Charlie Grissom home, enjoying the back roads.

Ride safe... Ride often

Join the discussion at either the Yahoo group groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/greater_RALEIGH_area/info

or, the Delphi forum forums.delphiforums.com/RaleigSCRC

Anyone interested in taking on a chapter "leadership role" (ie: Road Captain, Tail Gunner, Ride Leader, Safety Officer, Second Officer, or even First Officer)

If you want to step up go to www.southerncruisers.net/constitution.htm and read what SCRC national expects from officers (and members).

Then read the ride guidelines... www.southerncruisers.net/newriding.htm. They aren't "rules" but guides, but it does explain the role of ride leader better.

Finally, there is the "code of conduct": www.southerncruisers.net/coc.htm

"Road Captain/ride leader" is a good place to start... but you don't have to be a "Road Captain" to lead a ride. Just be willing to step up... You WILL miss a turn... and do a U-turn... everyone does... it's part of the "fun" and who knows... it could lead to a funny "road name".

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